Ideation, Innovation, Change

The Research Chambers

Ideation, Innovation, Change

The Research Chambers

Ideation, Innovation, Change

The Research Chambers

Ideation, Innovation, Change

The Research Chambers


Welcome to the new generation of scientists. Realize the impact of science.

We aspire to support, mentor, guide, lead and inspire the next generation tasked with solving the problems we face on a global scale. We seek to make a valuable contribution through design outlook, innovative thinking, and tangible solutions.

Our extensive portfolio of expertise reaching over a wide range of disciplines aim to bring brilliant minds together, to foster cross-disciplinary interactions and to stimulate the collision of brilliant ideas into world changing solutions.

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About Us

We are a team of Scientists passionate about people, ground breaking science, and world-changing research. Our Associates’ diverse skillsets and expertise were gathered and mastered over 25+ years, combined.

At The Research Chambers we seek to find a way to reach those who are faced with the same challenges that we have found the solutions to, through our dedication to acquiring knowledge, building capacity and mastering our fields of expertise.

We would like to equip the next generation of problem solvers with the valuable intellectual assets that we have gathered over decades to facilitate ambitious minds to manifest their intellectual capacity into tangible, world-changing transformations. Our extensive list of expertise encompasses the scientific fields of archaeology, cell biology,  genetics, genomics, immunology, microbiomics, microbial ecology, molecular biology,  and statistics.

Our associates jointly hold 15 academic degrees, from bachelor’s through to PhDs, in addition to experience in these fields at postdoctoral and research associate levels, both locally and internationally. We are passionate about sharing our knowledge and are able to offer support in the areas of our mastered  fields and beyond.


We are offering:

Editorial Services

Peer review, proof reading, language and style editing, pre-examination assessment, pre-submission manuscript assessment and services for: Reports, dissertations, theses, grant applications, lecture notes & slides.


We offer support in project design, postgraduate studies, report writing, proposal writing, grant writing, dissertation and thesis writing, manuscript preparation, and presentations.

Curriculum Vitae

We will write your CV from scratch, specifically designed and structured to enhance your employment success.

The art of Science

Structuring your tables and figures to accurately and powerfully convey the impact of your findings in a concise and accurate way.

Idea to Product

Do you have a brilliant idea which you believe has market potential? Bring your idea and we will research it with you to explore its potential. 


Our expertise can add value to your Scientific or other research. We will collaborate on Science and Business projects. 

Examination Services

Examination of dissertations and theses in our fields of expertise. Where we lack expertise, we will help you find an expert. 

Translation Services

English translation from Spanish, French and Afrikaans . 


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